Sheryl Kristie Chan uses calligraphy and social media to create beautiful and unique wedding signs and decorations

Sheryl Kristie Chan is a New York-based calligrapher and hand letterer who is taking the art of wedding decorations to a whole new level. Through her use of calligraphy and social media, Chan creates beautiful and unique designs for couples’ special day. With her Instagram account and Etsy shop, she has been able to share her creative works with the world.

Chan began her business four years ago and since then, couples have been regularly asking for her help in making their union a memorable one. She offers an array of services from wedding signs and decorations to custom invitations and stationery design. All of Chan’s original artwork is crafted by her own hand which makes it even more special for the newlyweds.

The one thing that sets Chan apart from other calligraphers is how she fuses tradition and modernity. By combining traditional calligraphy techniques with modern graphic design elements, Chan has created a signature style that is totally unique. As she continues to make beautiful creations on paper, she also generates captivating visuals on social media with which to advertise them. It’s this combination of the two that has caught the attention of many brides-to-be at home and abroad.

Chan’s lovely artwork has enriched many memories for couples not only on their wedding day but for anniversaries and other special occasions as well. Her success story as a designer is proof that through dedication, creativity and technology, you can achieve great things. So if you’re looking for something gorgeous for your next event, why not reach out to Sheryl Kristie Chan? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Sheryl Kristie Chan has established herself as a leading authority in creating beautiful and unique wedding decorations. Through her passion for calligraphy, combined with her mastery of social media, she is providing couples with one-of-a-kind keepsakes that they can cherish long after their special day is over.

Sheryl’s sleek and stylish designs are a treat for the eyes. She combines traditional calligraphy techniques with modern elements to create eye-catching works of art that can be personalized for each client. Her handwritten touches add a sense of intimacy and emotion to her work, making them truly meaningful keepsakes for any couple celebrating their nuptials.

Sheryl also leverages social media to stay engaged with customers and spread the word about her unique services. She gives a behind-the-scenes look at her creative process and shares snapshots of her completed projects, making every viewer feel like part of the team as she crafts unique signs or decor pieces for their wedding.

In a time when so many celebrations are being moved online, it is business owners like Sheryl who are helping couples find ways to bring joy and beauty into their events. Her eye for design, combined with her skillful use of calligraphy and social media, is allowing couples to make unforgettable memories in spite of these challenging times.