He specializes in calligraphy

For centuries, artists have sought to perfect their craft – whether it is painting, drawing, sculpting, or another form of art. Calligraphy is no exception.

Andy Deng is a master calligrapher who has been practicing the art of writing beautiful letters and scripts for most of his life. Born in Taiwan, Deng moved to the United States at the age of fourteen, bringing his love of calligraphy along with him.

With a passion to continue learning and perfecting his art, Deng began making a name for himself through several calligraphy competitions across the country. His work was recognized and admired by judges before he even graduated high school.

Deng went on to pursue a degree in graphic design at university, focusing further on his calligraphy style and technique. Now, he specializes in brush lettering – creating both large and small scale work for everything from invitations to artwork that hangs in galleries. His portfolio demonstrates his skills; the pieces are often shown in vivid colors and feature intricate details that draw the eye from all angles.

In addition to his personal work, Deng teaches calligraphy classes for beginners and professionals alike. Each participant is encouraged to explore different styles and techniques that are taught with careful guidance from Deng himself. Through leading these classes, he hopes to spread knowledge about the craft, encouraging others to continue perfecting their skills and appreciate the beauty of calligraphy as an art form.

To date, Andy Deng continues to make waves in the creative community and continues to hone his skills as one who specializes in calligraphy. From exhibitions in galleries around the world to commissions for prestigious organizations, generations of admirers await each new stunning piece full of imaginative skill as they witness this master’s tools of transformational art come to life.

To many, calligraphy is an arcane craft that requires great skill and patience. But for one artist, it’s a way of life.

Meet Zaynab Siddiqui: a passionate calligrapher based in New Delhi, India. Zaynab’s work is widely celebrated by both her peers and her fans; she specializes in Islamic calligraphy, creating both ornamental pieces and traditional calligraphic works.

No matter the media, Zaynab shows an expertise in what she does. From intricate murals to delicate paper art, her pieces are characterized by masterful precision, fluidity of movement, detailed brushwork, and an overall captivating aesthetic. She often combines Eastern and Western motifs to create unique works that deviate from the traditional forms seen in much of Islamic art.

It isn’t just her technical skill that make her art stand out — her passion for the craft shines through in everything she does. Zaynab finds joy in being able to share her work with the world through workshops, exhibitions and talks across India. She has recently begun incorporating newer technologies such as digital tools and 3-D printing into her work as well, expanding the reach and impact of her art even further.

From elaborate zalghs to delightful compositions; no matter the project, Zaynab always puts forth an extraordinary level of effort into each of her pieces. With decades of experience behind her, it’s no surprise that she has become a renowned expert in the field of calligraphy.