Sheryl Kristie Chan uses calligraphy and social media to create beautiful and unique wedding signs and decorations

It is one of the most important events in a person’s life, so it should be filled with happiness. Sheryl Kristie Chan from Handmade by Sheryl has made a name for herself in the industry as one of the best wedding sign and decoration makers.

Handmade by Sheryl specializes in creating unique wedding signs and decorations for occasions like parties, receptions, ceremonies, and more. With her own creative process and multi-disciplinary skillset including calligraphy, design work, and social media marketing expertise, she has created a big business that has gained international recognition.

Sheryl’s story brings to light how important creativity can be when it comes to making something engaging and beautiful. It also shows us how social media marketing on Instagram can help an artist gain momentum through her.

Sheryl Kristie Chan is a calligrapher and artist from New Zealand. She creates beautiful wedding signs and decorations that she sells on social media.

She obtained a degree in graphic design from the National University of Singapore before starting her career as a calligrapher. She spends hours each day practicing her craft, which includes drawing, painting and writing with ink, brush pen and hands.

Her work is popular on Instagram because of its unique designs, intricate patterns and vibrant colors that appeals to modern couples who appreciate creativity.

Sheryl Kristie Chan is a wedding sign and decoration artist who uses hand lettering to create unique and beautiful signs for weddings, parties, receptions, and more.

She started her business with a simple blog posting about the work she did at friends’ weddings and began to grow it into what it is today. Today her business has multiple locations in California.

With the wedding season around the corner, Sheryl created a floral calligraphy alphabet from each letter of her husband’s name.

This is a process called typography, which is creating designs with letters. This can be seen in signs, logos, and other designs.

She leveraged her expertise to create an online shop for wedding-related items that are now available for purchase on Etsy .

Sheryl Kristie Chan is an artist and calligrapher who uses social media to share her unique wedding decorations and signs.

When Sheryl Kristie Chan was a little girl, she was always fascinated by calligraphy and the art of writing letters. Now, at just 24 years old, she’s using her passion for calligraphy and social media to create beautiful wedding signs and decorations that guests treasure for years to come.

The first sign she ever made was for a wedding in late 2015. The bride had seen a photo of the sign Sheryl had made for her friends’ wedding and asked her to recreate it for her own big day! Her passion has grown since then – today, she has been able to work on more than 100 weddings in total with clients all around the world.